The VPIG Team

Veteran Pride Investment Group L.L.C. VPIG is a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to integrity, focus and transparency in all they do. Colby and Rob have added a world-class team of dedicated and like minded real estate professionals who have acquired over 2,500 apartment units.  Annually, VPIG donates 20% of its net profits to veteran and first responder charities to help curb suicides among these everyday heroes. We call it “Profits for a Purpose”

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Colby Bowers, BBA, USAF retired



Rob Palin, MBA, USAF veteran


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Stewart Farquhar, BBA, USAF veteran


Rod Khleif - SENIOR Advisor

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Jacob Blackett - Advisor


We take a very simple and straight forward approach to investing in real estate:

Purchase assets at deep discounts to current market value. Establish target yields based upon rental income and only own assets in stable neighborhoods. We also have several exit contingencies for each asset

Real Estate Experience

Management of over 2,000 properties. Transacted more than 1,000 apartments and single family homes. Transaction volume in excess of $50,000,000. Development of Historic projects and management of over 2,000 apartment units.

Current Markets

Our Primary markets are Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas with a small team in the North Carolina market as well getting established.

Philantropic Endevours

VPIG currently supports Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities charity and the Wounded Officer Initiative. As we grow so will our donations and expansion of veteran and first responder charities.